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Painting Stencil French Quarter Border


Single Stencil

20″ x 3 1/2″

Easy repeat

Durable 10 mil mylar


No, border stencils aren’t just meant for the high end of walls like they were back in the 80’s. These days, thanks to creative folks like you and I, we’ve found ways to use border stencils in wonderful ways!

Use it to create a detailed border at chair rail level


But then also try stenciling a square or rectangle medallion on you ceiling to draw the eye upward (maybe surrounding a chandelier?).

Stencil them on the risers of your stairs and use them to create a lovely border on the top of a dresser.

There’s no limit to what you can do or create with these beautiful designs.

It’s easy peasy! Simply tape the stencil in place, then using a small roller, roll excess paint off on to a pad of newspapers then roll over the stencil lightly. Un-tape and peel the stencil back to reveal the design.




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