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Painting Stencil Freestyle Vine


Paint Stencil

Single Stencil

22″ tall by 12″ wide.

10 mil mylar


This beautifully styled vine stencil brings the beauty of nature to the inside of your home. Repeat it in to a border around your linoleum floor or use it above the bed in your master as a beautiful element.

Use stencil flipped and repeated to create a unique vine design if you choose or just trail it all over.

Fabulous as a furniture stencil by repeating it all over the top and sides of an old dresser or even the dining table. Then stencil the chair cushions to match!

Try stenciling them in the centers of large cabinets doors or above a fireplace. Exquisite!

Stencil the design with a roller instead of a brush to make quick work of your decorating project. We send easy instructions on how to use that roller to make your life so much easier and your decorating project go quick and smooth!