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Painting Stencil Enchanted Flourish


Single Stencil

15 3/4″ x 10″

10 mil mylar.

Reusable over and over


What a fun stencil! Use it as a random element for a wallpaper design, as a focal stencil around and under cabinets or on craft projects.

It’s unusual styling is sure to make anything you use it on more beautiful.

Focal walls are all the rage and this stencil design gives that wall a super elegant design.

Try doing it in metallic craft paints which come in just about every color of the rainbow!
Cover a wall quickly by using a small roller instead of a stencil brush. No worries, we send the instructions with the stencil. It’s super easy!
Design, photos and text copyright Victoria Larsen 2018. All rights reserved.