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Painting Stencil Ariel Wallpaper


Single Stencil

13″ H x 15 1/2″ wide

Easy repeat

Durable 10 mil mylar


Now tell me…Who REALLY wants to go to all the mess, trouble and expense of putting up rolls of wallpaper? I hate that job!

So get the look the easier way and stencil your wallpaper instead! Our Ariel Wallpaper Stencil is easily repeatable with easy align registration marks for lining up each repeat and with a small paint roller, you would have the wall done in no time at all!

Ariel has a modern but beautifully flowing design. Try using it on a wall with just iridescent opal paint to give a room a sense of elegance that just can’t be achieved in any other way. Or go bold and strong with darker colors to create a bit of real drama!