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Plaster Central Design Stencils

Our plaster stencils allow you to create the look of carved surfaces with little effort.
Our central design plaster stencils give you options you might not have thought possible. It’s all in how you use them.

They’re called “central” designs because they are a single, stylish element that can be used in numerous ways.

1. Use these stencils as central designs on the fronts of cabinets and furniture.

2. Repeat the stencil design around a light fixture where the design is pointing outward toward the walls to create the most luscious and original plaster ceiling medallion.

3. Repeat in staggered lines to create a raised plaster wallpaper pattern or simply randomly plaster them over your wall.

Now, with those options, also think about surface options to create a truly “designer” room. OK, you’ve used the stencil on the walls and ceiling, now use it with paint to add the same design to rugs, drapes and/or pillows! Your room becomes a “design themed” room which is just breathtaking!

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