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Huge selection of classic stencils for elegant home decor.

Doing things “Easy” is what I love and you will too when you see the peel and stick moldings at the link below:





Calle’s ReDesign Furniture has discovered our Raised Plaster Stencils! This gal is amazing when it comes to re-designing old furniture and giving it new life. The colors she uses, the placement of the designs and her awesome finishes make her pieces one of a kind.
On this piece, she used our Raised Plaster Chantal Frieze Stencil on the front. She flipped and repeated it for a mirrored image (and to create a larger design) then used just a portion of the stencil design in the very center of the repeat.
Visit her facebook page to see more!

Nicole Kulis is a very talented lady who re-purposes and then sells furniture. Her pieces are done with class and style and once she discovered our Raised Plaster Stencils, she said they now sell so quickly and she is obviously pleased with that fact.


I loved this particular project where she re-did a side board.

The cool part was, when she added our Raised Plaster Brassio Stencil to the front, she centered it right over the two drawers that open!

When you open the drawers, look at the cool result!


This piece is now drop dead gorgeous and I doubt she had it in stock for long!

Visit Nicole’s Facebook Business Page for more of her beautiful work!

I found this awesome website giving tutorials on how to emboss aluminum and tin using stencils for the patterns.


Now how fun is that? Our Raised Plaster Stencils would be the perfect stencil thickness for projects like this because they are thicker than most designer stencils and would hold up well to repeating the pattern.

Wouldn’t this be awesome for a kitchen back splash?

Check it out for yourself!

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My home in northern Idaho had very large rooms which gave me the most awesome space for wall and ceiling designs.

As I would lay in bed each morning, I would stare at that expansive ceiling and dream of a beautiful ornamental frame.

So one day, I mapped it out and decided to just jump in and do it!

It was actually pretty easy!

First, I taped off the center of the ceiling with painters tape and then did a sponged light and darker brown frame with paint.


I used our Oasis Mold to cast many pieces (casting more as I needed them) and primed, then painted them with Faux Effects Pewter Metallic Paint. This paint was a little more expensive than you might normally pay for craft paints, but trust me, that one quart lasted me for years! And I love their variety of colors.


For a design in the center and corners, I used our Raised Plaster Floral Medallion Stencil, repeated to create a larger design right in the center then angled it at the corners. I pre-tinted the joint compound with brown paint so that I didn’t have the chore of painting the design later. What a time saver!


Casting a round medallion mold and adding it to the center perfected the design.

Once the pieces were painted and dry, I began placing them around the frame. This is so easy! Simply spread joint compound over the back (about 1/4″ thick), then hold in place for 60 seconds. It’s now there permanently but can be removed in the future if you want.


Pieces were placed around both the inner and outer painted frames.


Looking up at this frame when I woke up in the morning just thrilled me. I tell you, it was sometimes difficult to break myself away from it and actually get up!


The beauty it brought to the room was just amazing.

When I sold the house in 2013, the new owner gushed over this frame and the Raised Plaster Aspen Trees I had done on the living room wall. It honestly helped sell the house!

So don’t be afraid to add raised plaster and cast plaster to your home. It could bring you more joy than you can imagine.

Now what a novel idea!

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Carol Herrman, who has worked with Artworks of Spokane (a very popular and successful faux finish/decorating company) in Washington State, is a very talented artist!

Carol used our Raised Plaster Aspen Tree Stencil Set to create a trio of 18″ x 24″ canvases to use as wall art. Her plan is to frame them in silver textured frames. I can just imagine how they will look on a wall!


The color striations and texture of the backgrounds really give those trees an excellent base and the colors are soft and soothing, perfect for any home!

See just some of her beautiful decorating work and artisty on her website at: http://www.lulumaedesigns.com/

If you haven’t heard of it yet, I urge you to visit HomeTalk.com

This website is a collaboration of people just like you and I, who come up with fabulous DIY  ideas and just how to achieve them, often with step by step photo instructions.

I’m completely addicted since there are so many ideas on re-purposing everything from tin cans in to adorable yard lights to DIY yard furniture using cinder blocks and boards.

Looking for ideas for your walls? Simply search for “Walls” and be prepared to be delightfully overwhelmed with the wonderfully creative choices.

You also have the ability to pose your own dilemmas to other DIY folks, who are delighted to help you out.

Do you have your own creative projects that you’re proud of? Set up an account and post them for the world to see. You might even get featured! 

Many of my projects have been featured, one being shared over 70 thousand times.

This is one of the most useful and unique websites on the internet today and one you might consider visiting regularly.