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I was delighted when I got this lovely email from Pam Eastridge:

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful sunflower stencil and making what I had in my thoughts come to life.  My husband built this garden shed for me and suggested I do sunflowers on the door since I grow a lot of sunflowers to sell at a local market.  It was a  labor of love made easy by you!  I cannot draw to save my life…seriously…so to be able to use your stencils made me a van Gogh! Ha!

They removed the door to make it easier for Pam to create her magic. She stenciled the design on paper first then started imagining her lay-out. What a smart idea! She could instantly see what she liked and what she didn’t before actually applying the stencil directly to the door.

Adding grass, more flowers and insects just made the door adorable!
The design, set against that deep green with pure white trim, was just the ticket to make her shed super cute!

The really great thing about our Raised Plaster Freestyle Sunflower Stencil is that all of the elements come separated so you can create Sunflowers as tall as you wish! The heavy duty mylar holds up through out making tons of sunflowers.

Thank you for sharing with us Pam! It’s adorable!

Skylar’s sweet baby girl deserved a room that was filled with fantasy and flowers. Something truly unique and as special as her daughter.

Boy, did she deliver!

She first painted the walls with a jewel toned purple paint. She then stenciled our Large Daisy Stencil in bright white with deep yellow centers and in varying heights over the wall to create a lush garden of huge and lovely daisies. The dark background was a perfect choice for light white daisies because it instantly shows off all the lovely detail of this daisy design.

Deep green leaves and stems pick up the color of the very creative leaf rug she chose for the floor. What a perfect addition to her baby’s lovely garden!

Thank you Skylar! I’m impressed and I just love it! Hmmmm….what room in my own home could benefit from this lovely wall treatment?

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When I moved in to my 100 year old mountain cottage, I knew I had a LOT of work ahead of me! Trust me, it’s been a labor of absolute love and I’ve truly enjoyed every second of it thus far (and trust me, I’m far from done!).

This 1/2 chimney wall was such an eye sore and I could hardly wait to tackle it creatively. So my Raised Plaster Aspen Tree Stencil began the project but the rest was a real trip to do and I loved doing it!

This is how the whole project turned out.

See the entire project and how I did in on my blog.

Judy Collier must have a large collection of Victoria Larsen stencils by now because she’s ordered from us many, many times.

In her latest project, she stenciled a large area rug with our Peony Passion Stencil to create a dramatic effect on the floor of her shop.

I love how it adds interest to an otherwise bland surface, but is the perfect addition to her paint line of products.

Stenciled in white paint over the gray rug was just perfect to bring out the beauty of the design.

As usual, Thank you Judy!

I abolutely LOVE what Janet did to her dining table! She obviously chose our Sweet Magnolia Stencil because it’s style mimics that beautiful area run under the table.

Each section of the table was done individually, ah, but she also stenciled the center leaf so that when the table is extended, the design continues. (see in the first photo).

You can use a stencil design in the same way over the doors of large cabinets and drawers of dressers as well. So many ideas but the loveliness is always the same.

Thank you Janet!

Jamie created the most lovely feature wall above her bed using our Flowering Chinoiserie Stencil Set.

The cool thing about this stencil is that all of the elements are separated which gives you the opportunity to create spot designs like this or fill an entire wall with a wallpaper effect. You get to have it your way!

Her placement creates a beautiful frame complete with flowers, leafy branches and flying birds. This ads sweet charm to this wall and I love the colors!

Oh how ugly it was! But the finished design and how I did it is here. You are going to love it as much as I do!

Deborah has been one of our customers for quite awhile and I truly believe the girl is as addicted to decorating as I am.

Deborah used our Raised Plaster Palisades Border Stencil to add a vertical border to her wall in pale gray paint.

She then used the same stencil to add a raised border on her doors.

How lovely and unique is this?

Deborah used our Raised Plaster Floral Medallion Stencil behind this elegant wall sconce and I fell in love!

Then she used our Raised Plaster Arquette Tile Stencil (my absolute favorite!) as a random raised design on a long, blank wall.

I would love little more than a personal tour of this creative gal’s home. Thank you Deborah! You know I love everything you do!

I have never put my finger on quite “why”, but I LOVE black furniture in certain cases. Evidently, D does too!

She painted this chest midnight black and then added our Raised Plaster Lilac Love Stencil to it.

Painting the design with metallic gold paint gave it almost an oriental style beauty. She evidently used a portion of another smaller design as accents to the main lilac design. I love how it came out!

Here’s a tip for painting gold over plaster stenciling: Do the stenciling first, let it dry, paint the piece your intended color and THEN paint the design gold. If you try to paint metallic colors over dried joint compound, it will simply suck up all that beautiful gleam!

Like many of us, Ann loves the look of ornate antiques.

She used our Raised Plaster Chaumont panel on the doors of an old cabinet to give it incredible new life.

First, she did a translucent color wash over the entire door to give it a lighter appearance, but also to allow the wood grain to show through.

She then painted the inner panel a warm, rich brown.

Once that was dry, she added our Raised Plaster Chaumont Panel Stencil directly in the center of each cabinet door.

She succeeded in giving her project an “Old World” beauty that could be mistaken for a very old piece of furniture.

Thank you Ann! We love it!

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