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Huge selection of classic stencils for elegant home decor.

Stencil Furniture Elements 1


This stencil includes 8 wonderful small elements for decorating furniture and small items.

Design Size: Single stencil ~ Design sizes range from 1 3/4″ round to 4 1/2″ high by 4 1/2″ wide. Varying sizes give you lots of options!


Now you can add beautiful, classic designs to table tops, cabinetry and small craft projects with this easy to use stencil set.

8 different beautiful and classic central elements are featured on the stencil. Cut apart for easy manipulation in to small places.

Mix and match for interesting patterns on the same piece! Great as greeting card stencils, scrapbook page stencils, and craft project stencils.

Try taping off a square, rectangle or oval in the center of your table and sponge paint two soft colors inside the square.

Now, use one of our element furniture stencils (we used the wreath) and stencil a design right in the center.