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Product Details

Stencil Furniture Borders 2


6 furniture stencils for a variety of uses.

Design Size:

Single stencil ~ Each stencil border design is 8″ in length and vary in height from 1/2″ to 1 1/2″


Stencil beautiful, classic designs to furniture legs, table tops, cabinetry and small craft projects with this easy to use stencil set.

6 different classic designs are featured on the stencil. Cut apart for easy manipulation in to small places.

Mix and match for interesting patterns on the same piece! Great as greeting card stencils, scrapbook page stencils, and craft project stencils.

Stencil idea:

I love small border stencils for use on craft projects.

Try using them around that tiny lip of a wooden box lid then use one of our element furniture stencils on the top to create on of a kind items for sale or gifts.

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