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Plaster Border Stencils

Create beautiful raised border designs with any of these Raised Plaster Stencils.

There are so many ways to use border stencils that you might not have even thought of:

On your stair risers to add beautiful dimensional designs.
Paint the upper part of your wall one color and then the lower part another color then stencil the design on the dividing line for drop dead beautiful walls.
I chose to use a raised plaster border stencil as my back splash in my kitchen. It’s strikingly beautiful!
Encase your entire ceiling in a raised plaster stencil design to create more interest.
Use the border stencil with ordinary paint on your linoleum floor to give it new life.
Add border stenciling around pots and planters on your deck.
Add a stenciled border to the floor of your front porch.
What will you use yours for?

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