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Let’s deal with that disgusting linoleum!

I thought about ripping up all that old, nasty linoleum but that would take months since it was glued down to the original hard woods. It’s not that I wasn’t up for the task, heck I just finished doing a lot of work on the 100 year old hard woods in the living room and my office. It was more that I have a hard time being culinarily creative in a nasty kitchen so I felt a need to “get ‘er done”!

Not only was it ugly, it was in such bad shape after years and years of being abused. Scrapes, knicks, tears and abrasions were the focus and I hated it!

It was high quality vinyl to the rescue! I took the entire week off work and tackled the project.

I chose walnut wood style to warm up the kitchen.
This is the first 100 year old home I’ve ever purchased. The tasks seemed daunting bringing it back to it’s former glory. But the key to fixing up an old home is to take “little bites” and proceed just one thing at a time.

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