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Mindy Everaert loves the look of exposed brick as found on country farms and on Mediterranean buildings.

So she used our Raised Plaster Stacked Stone Stencil to give her home that same look!

I love her placement and how she did it.

Being a smart little decorator, she kept the stones in more soft, muted color.

How might you do it too? That’s easy:

  1. Paint the wall your desired color.
  2. Use the stencil instructions for adding a bit of color to the joint compound to create the realistic stones on the wall. Do only parts of the outside stones.
  3. Once dry, use a little joint compound around the edges, smearing it up over the dried design then touch up the wall paint once dry.

Thank you Mindy! It came out GREAT!


Ah, the dead, blank wall. Too large for just a few photos in a cutsie lay out. You want something dramatic!

Leading in to the kitchen there is a large arched doorway, so I decided to mimic that same arch on this wall as a background.


I used our Raised Plaster Arched Tree Stencil set to begin arching trees at the curves of the arch.

To repeat the trunks of any of our plaster tree stencils, simply line up the end of the stencil opening with the previous plastered trunk piece then plaster the repeat.


Once you have plastered the repeat, with your finger or spatula, simply smooth the wet plaster over the dry plaster to blend the two repeats. I pre-tinted the joint compound with dark gray paint (which dries light gray) to save me from having to completely paint the trunks by hand.


To dry portions of the trunk, start adding side and leafy branches.


Once the trees were constructed, I dry brushed the gray trunks with white paint to lighten and give them depth.


I then hand painted the leaves with gold metallic paint. Unfortunately, metallic paint cannot be added to the joint compound. It will never show up and would be a waste of money.


The finished wall was just beautiful!