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suitcase_beforeWe either have them now or we’ve had them in the past: That black, non-descript black suitcase!

I’ve stood such a long time at the conveyor, waiting to recognize my own black suitcase (that looked like every other black suitcase!).

But NO MORE I say!

I stenciled it!

To stencil your suitcase, Add a piece of cardboard in to the front pocket to stabilize the canvas.


Now, you can simply choose your favorite stencil design and stencil it with standard bottled acrylic craft paints.

I used green acrylic paint that matched the handle and logo on my suitcase.


I used our Miss Lynn Stencil to add a pretty design to the upper and lower corners of the suitcase.

Now if that isn’t recognizable, I don’t know what it! It’s also stylish and cute!

This would be a great design for canvas bags, purses and even clothing!



How many times have you gone to pick up your bags at the airport and stood there amidst a sea of black fabric suitcases checking the tags to look for your name?

I’ve done just this way too many times! Those days are over!

I decided to get creative. I mean, I am a stencil designer, right? Why not use a stencil to differentiate my bag from all the others?

It started out as the average black bag with just a little green trim.


So I used our Miss Lynn stencil to give it a more noticeable look. 

When you stencil a fabric suitcase such as this, do yourself a favor and insert a piece of sturdy cardboard inside the pocket. This will help give you a more sturdy surface on which to stencil your design.

Tape the stencil to the fabric and use acrylic paints to stencil the design.

Because of the green of the suitcase trim, I used Sage Green acrylic paint to coordinate.

The finished result is a “designer” suitcase that I will spot immediately as it comes down the baggage shoot!


This idea can also be applied to canvas tote bags and purses as well.