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Teri Chappel loves updated and modern and being the creative woman she is, she did a bang up job decorating this wall to achieve just that!


Using our Raised Plaster Stacked Stone Stencil, Teri used common joint compound with the stencil to create the stone wall. Joint compound dries pure white so there’s no need for painting or adding color to the compound in this case. Just be sure to pre-paint your wall the color you want the stone grout to be. In this case, the wall was pre-painted gray first.
What a perfect background to the adorable safety pin wall hangings!
Super job Teri!

Pam Findley was (and I mean “was”) like most of us. Construction grade cabinets in her kitchen and she wanted more. More I say! More!

And she got it!

She used our Raised Plaster Companion Vines Stencil to create beautiful raised vines on those plain cabinets.


She used the large vine stencil at the fascia board and then the smaller design on each of the doors, flipping and mirroring the design on each door.

I love the country finish she used for the cabinets, but she didn’t mention how she did it. Either way, it was quite an upgrade to those cabinets. Great job Pam!

I love using plaster stencils on furniture! It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life and I’ve done a LOT of plaster stenciling since coming out with the very first line back in 2004.

My nephew, Guy Keesey hand built me this sweet little chest. I loved it from the moment he gave it to me. After coming out with my plaster stencils line, I searched my home for projects to do them on.

Plain Chest

This chest caught my eye and I knew it was the perfect start to what would become a complete passion for me!

I began by painting the chest dark brown then using our plaster stencils to create corner, center and border designs with joint compound.

Plaster Stenciling on chest

I then sponge painted a lighter beige paint over the plain portions of the chest (to lighten the background a bit) and then painted over just the raised stencil design with black paint, blending the edges over the light sponging.

Plaster stenciled chest

I replaced the stencil over the design and very lighted swirled metallic gold paint over the design. I painted the legs black and added metallic gold paint as banding.

After a coat of satin varnish, it was complete and I love it!

The finished chest was a total hit in my home!

Plaster Stencil on chest

Plaster stencils aren’t just for interiors, and I’m often asked “can you use them outside?”. Sure! There’s no reason why not. The surprising thing is that you can even use plaster stencils with common joint compound outside! Simply make sure you seal the design with exterior paint.

When I wanted to sell my home in the high mountains of Northern Idaho, I knew I absolutely had to do something with those ugly exterior doors!

They’d become weathered and lost all their finish years before. They weren’t in great shape when we bought the home and after using it as a vacation home for 9 years, they were even worse!

Door Before sml

The harsh weather had created deep cracks in the wood. So since I’m the queen of plaster, I simply filled those cracks with joint compound to create a smooth surface again then sanded the doors. Sure, I could have used wood putty, but I knew they were going to get high quality exterior paint that would finally protect them. 

I plastered the design using joint compound on to the base of each door, painted the entire door with a custom green/blue (to match the beautiful forest!) and then painted just the design with metallic pewter paint to give it a bit of “glam”. What a huge difference!



I love how the design came out.

plaster stenciled door