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Cathy Higgins lives in a lovely home. But she felt her entry way stair case needed to be more glamorous. Like something one might see in a stately home in the deep south.

Cathy Higgens Molded stairs before

Plaster Molds to the rescue!

Once Cathy found our website and happened on our line of plaster molds, the inspiration struck her to use one of these beautiful designs to add more detail to her staircases. 

Cathy chose our Left and Right Scroll Molds Set.  Since the mold is re-usable, Cathy was able to cast as many pieces as she need for each stair level.

When the pieces were dry, she painted them the same color as the staircase and then attached them by spreading joint compound over the back side of the piece and holding it in place for just 60 seconds.

Cathy Higgens molded stairs after

She was so elated with the front staircase, that she decided to do the back staircase to match!

Cathy Higgins molded back stairs

We’ve always thought of plaster molds for doing funky little craft projects. But they can be used on walls, ceilings and furniture to create such beauty and detail. Where in your home might you use a plaster mold to add beauty?

Victoria Larsen Plaster Ceiling Frame

Plaster molds aren’t just for creating cute little craft projects.

For hundreds of years, craftsmen have used plaster molds to create high end ornamental ceilings and wall designs in stately mansions, castles and public buildings.
Now you can create the same look in your home with our Plaster Mold selections. Casting molds is easy and super inexpensive and they are even easier to apply to wall or ceilings. Check out the
How To Cast Plaster section to get a peek at just how fun it is, then check out the Decorating Gallery to see examples of just how cast plaster designs can make your home decorating truly exciting!