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Huge selection of classic stencils for elegant home decor.

Anne used our Raised Plaster Traditional Cabinet Stencil with ordinary paint to add such a luscious design to the front of her cabinet. I love how it looks! She added such ornamental beauty to the two plain panels.

The cool thing about this design is that it repeats easily with tiny flowers, bells and pearls to create a very intricate pattern. It’s perfect for this piece because of the ornamentals already present.

Good job Anne and thank you for letting us see!



Michelle Cavanaugh decided to give this old curio cabinet a new, updated look with silver paint and our Raised Plaster Parkland Posey Stencil.

She first added the raised stencil to the upper sides of the cabinet then painted the entire cabinet with silver paint.


The raised design gave it even more decorative appeal. I love the elegance this piece now has and obviously, Michelle is very proud of it. I can see why!

The question “can you use plaster stencils with paint?” comes up all the time. The answer is Absolutely! We use our plaster stencils with paint regularly. What you will simply find is that our plaster stencils will be the most durable, high quality painting stencils you have ever owned!

My neighbor Chris Saavedra has discovered the fun you can have with re-doing and re-purposing old furniture.

My favorite part of seeing her projects is just what her imagination brings to the project.

For this project, she took an old end table, removed the door, gave it a cute paint finish of soft cream and brown and then used our Raised Plaster Ansella Tile Stencil with paint to give the table detail by using it on the top.

But the cutest part of this project was it’s new purpose! It’s a pet house! She placed a pet bed inside which makes the perfect hiding place for her precious cats. Now how cute is that????


Chris recently had great success when she took many of her painted furniture pieces to a craft fair where they were selling for as much as $150.00! Is this something YOU should be thinking about as a small business or side job for extra money?

Shannon Calloway got really excited when she saw a post I did on using plaster molds to create ornate furniture.

She was currently selling old furniture that she would re-paint or re-finish on the popular website Craigslist

I got the cutest email from her saying:

“I’ve been selling painted furniture on Craigslist, but after adding ornamental pieces from your plaster molds to my items, not only have my sales increased, but they’re all selling for much more. I’m so happy!”


One this piece, she applied pieces made from our Straight Scroll Plaster Mold.

For furniture, instead of using plaster of paris in the mold, use Durham’s Water Putty instead. You can find it in the wall repair aisle at Home Depot, Lowe’s and other home stores.

This will create a piece that is rock hard and can stand abuse.  Simply glue to the piece and paint as usual. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s drop dead gorgeous!

Laurel Duval, (being the creative soul she is), had an itch to do a furniture makeover. This plain cabinet screamed for something fun!


Laurel decided to do a Raised Plaster Stencil on the cabinet to change that flat surface in to a detailed one and to add dimensional design for interest.


She chose our Raised Plaster French Panel Stencil and I love how she used it! The truly interesting thing is that she centered it over the opening between the two doors! So when you open one side of the cabinet, one half of the design stays closed! Now how clever it that????