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Tammi Hamby wanted to dress up her ceiling and light fixture in a way that didn’t require she take down the ceiling fan assembly. Plaster stenciling did the job beautifully!


She used our Raised Plaster Floral Medallion Stencil, repeating it around the fixture, facing outward toward the walls. This is a great way to create quite a large medallion around your fixture.

She pre-tinted her joint compound with brown paint to prevent her from having to go back and paint the design after it was dry.

Great job, and it looks spectacular!

Ellie Reeves is a person who takes a vision and makes it come to life.

Wanting to give this ceiling a new, exotic look, she first used our Raised Plaster Leaf Spray Stencil around the chandelier for detail. She then sponge painted the entire ceiling in light and deeper greens (making sure to blend, blend, blend for softness!) and then painted just the raised leaves with metallic gold paint.


The look is completely stunning and all I can say is, what a pain in the neck it must be to visit this room….I’d be looking “UP” all the time!