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Wall stencil rose bouquet
Wall Stencil Rose Bouquet

Wall Stencil Rose Bouquet


A beautiful rose stencil for stunning walls and furniture. Shabby Chic for sure!

Design Size:

4 easy overlays 16 1/2″ tall by 7 1/2″ wide

Product Description

This delicate Rose spray stencil gives you plenty of options. Repeat this stencil as a gorgeous border, stencil it inside of painted wall or ceiling frames as a frieze or use it as a central design anywhere (closet doors in your powder room?).

As a special touch, once stenciled, try adding bits of metallic gold paint to the leaves and edges of the rose petals and watch it take on a truly elegant look!

Stencil idea:

I love rose stencils. They add not only add a bit of “garden” feel to any room but they also evoke “romance”. Stenciling roses on furniture has long been an exciting and beautiful way to create a shabby chic furniture make over.

Paint the furniture white first, scuff it lightly with sandpaper to create the look of worn or antique paint, then stencil with roses. Beautiful!