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Wall Stencil Province Border


A pretty border stencil for home decorating

Design size:

Single Stencil

21 3/4″ wide by 4 3/4″ high

Product Description

Border stencils do much more than you think they can do.

Try stenciling this design above your bed (create an arch over your head board maybe?)

Use it to add decoration across the fronts of dresser drawers.

Try it in your bath above the sink area, or at chair rail level.

As a ceiling stencil, you could completely border the ceiling with this pretty acanthus border stencil design, then use it again as a square frame around the light fixture.

I would love to use this design on my master bathroom floor. I just re-did my bath in sea foam blue and pale beige. I stained my cabinets deep espresso so this design would tie in really great with my damask shower curtain as a border around the floor in a deep brown over pale beige paint. Wouldn’t that be pretty?

What will you do with yours?