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Actual Stencilstencil_peony_passion_wallpaper-525

Wall Stencil Peony Passion


A Peony stencil that creates luscious wall and furniture designs.

Design Size:

Single Stencil 21 3/4″ tall by 16 1/4″ wide

Product Description

Stencils that feature flowers are very popular right now! I created this peony stencil to be used as a random, all over wallpaper pattern, but it’s also great for creating design in your furniture make over.

Simply paint this stencil with a roller for quick and easy application. To see how to do that, click the “How To” link to see step by step how easy it is.

I would love to see this stencil as a ceiling design with pearl paint over a pale blue color. How pretty would that be?