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Wall Stencil Heritage Rose Corner


Stencil beautiful roses in the corners of your room then stencil the border with it’s sister design!

Stencil Design Size:

4 overlays
Corner design: 15″ high x 14″ wide
Small Rose: 4×4″

Product Description

This stencil is big, it’s beautiful and it’s BREATHTAKING! And how we love this rose stencil design.

We not only give you 3 large and lovely detailed roses in a corner stencil design to be used alone on your walls or with it’s sister stencil Heritage Rose Border Stencil but we also give you a singular rose for use on accents such as cabinets fronts or drawers, vases, lamps, shams and more!

Stencil your guest room with this design then stencil matching “guest towels” that they take home as a gift! Wrap with a pretty ribbon and include in a basket with small rose scented soaps! They’ll never forget their visit.

If your decorating style is Shabby Chic, this is an excellent design for you! Paint and old piece of furniture white, stencil this rose design on it, then lightly sand back the white paint to reveal the wood beneath. Beautiful!