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Wall Stencil Elegance Wallpaper


Stencil beautiful scrolls in your walls with this elegant wallpaper stencil.

Design Size: Single Stencil 21″ x 16″

Product Description

Superb scrolls of leaves and vines together create this delightful wallpaper stencil design that’s easily repeated over a wall for random elegance. Can also be used alone as a central design on cabinetry or try covering your duvet cover with it!

I used this wallpaper stencil when I re-did my own bathroom cabinets. I first painted the doors dark brown and then added the wallpaper stencil in gold metallic paint and used a craft paint roller to apply it. That went FAST!

I then used one of our plaster molds to cast the ornate medallion you see in the center. The look was high end and beautiful!