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Wall stencil china rose
Wall stencil china roseWall stencil china rose

Wall Stencil China Rose


A perfect stencil for romantic home decor.

Stencil Design Size:

4 overlays 15″ wide x 10″ high

Product Description

This rose stencil is one of our most popular stencil designs since 1991! Sheer Luxury in 4 overlays of stunning roses and leaves. Perfect for that person who loves Shabby Chic decorating!

Shading the petals gives it that realism (very important with any design). Here we used pink and shaded with bright red against the inner most part of the petal to get that depth. Purple is also a great color to shade with. And do add some of the rose colors to the leaves to add a very special touch that takes people by surprise and looks so gorgeous!

Ever stenciled mini blinds or pull down shades? TRY it! And this design is fab for that! (Close your mini blinds before stenciling and use acrylics for best results!) It looks great when closed!

Home decorating with stencils makes the whole project go much quicker and look more professional. Use designs such as this over faux finished walls to create real drama and then use the same design on craft projects.