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Wall Stencil Bengal Wallpaper


A beautiful wallpaper stencil to create luscious, modern wall designs in your home.

Design Size:

Single Stencil

21″ tall by 14 1/2″ wide

Product Description

I love wallpaper stencils! Not only can they be used to create a focal wall, they can also be stenciled as a kitchen back splash or used on tired linoleum floors to give your room a whole new look. Add this stencil design to the insets on your kitchen cabinets and watch your kitchen take on a whole new feel.

Update furniture with this stencil by using your favorite colors over a painted furniture piece to give it a new and exciting modern look.

Try using it as a floor stencil on your wooden or concrete front porch or patio for an updated look outside the home as well.

Use it to stencil a new, large area rug for your patio or deck then use the same stencil on matching pillows.

Lots and lots of ideas for this stencil!