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Wood Grain Stencil WP3
Wood Grain Cabinet Door

Stencil Wood Grain WP3


Stencil realistic wood grain with this unique stencil.

Design Size:

Single Stencil: 10″ Wide x 14″ Tall

Product Description

Large grain with features that add flavor to any faux wood project.

Use it for turning that painted door in to a beautiful wood masterpiece once more or let your grown up little girl once again enjoy her toy chest as a stunning wooden hope chest instead with the addition of our wood grain stencils to the surface. It’s EASY!

Create beautiful faux wood panels on the wall by repeating our wood panels in to a rectangle then edge with your favorite wood trim stencil. Now, stencil a beautiful design in the center of flowers, palm leaves or other interesting pattern for luscious “designer” frames on your walls!

Use it to mimic oak, maple, pine or mahogany depending on the paint and stain colors you use! We give you examples and choices right in the instructions!

Cut from heavy duty 7 mil mylar for durability and repeated use!

Wood Grain Cabinet Door

If you have Formica cabinet doors, you can create the look of solid wood doors by combining our panel wood grain stencils with our trim wood grain stencils.

I did that here on a piece of melamine to mimic an actual cabinet door.

I stenciled the wood panel in the center and then surrounded it with a wood trim stencil.

To mimic the mitered corners, I simply taped each section off at a 45 degree angle before I stenciled it. Tah Dah!

I then added plaster pieces from our plaster molds and used an artists brush to mimic the wood grain lines. Clever hey?