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clouds stencil

Stencil Ceiling Clouds


Stencil realistic clouds on ceilings or walls with this new, easy stencil technique.

Design Size: 3 overlays 24 x 7 1/2″

Product Description

You are NOT going to believe how easy this cloud stencil is!

Our new Ceiling Clouds Stencil consists of a 3 overlay cloud design complete with tiny distant birds (3 of them) to create flocks in the background!

How did we do it? It’s SIMPLE! Simply blot acrylic paint with a sponge and do EACH opening dark on the bottom, lighter in the center and then blot white un-diluted acrylic paint at the top! Your clouds will come out looking just like these! Be sure to blend the line between colors pretty well so they are soft.

Exciting huh? Now you can add super realistic stenciled clouds to your ceilings, wall mural design or just create a sky mural anywhere in your home with little effort! Turn the cloud in different directions to make them look different from one another, then place flocks of birds here and there.

It’s easy and a complete BLAST!