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Plaster Stencil Vine Medallion and Mold Stencil Set


Design Size: Single Stencil 10″ x 9″

Comes with heavy duty plaster stencil and plaster mold.

Product Description

I love combining raised plaster stencils with ornamental plaster molds.

Giving you not one, but two raises off the wall or ceiling, the dimension is pronounced and beautiful!

I see this design in each opening of a coffered ceiling, on the fronts of cabinet doors or in the recesses of your entry door.

Use it on the sides of square planters and trunks for a make over that will add class and interest to the piece.

Julie McDowell from FurniturePaintingUniversity.com added this design to an old chest, giving it a make-over worthy of a queen! Visit their website and sign up for on-line classes so you too can create beautiful pieces such as this!


Stencil Idea

Medallion stencils are great for using on plain doors in your home.

Adding the plaster molded piece of this design is the final touch to make it really stand out.

Use the plaster mold alone for craft projects and hanging ornaments on holiday trees and wreaths.