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Plaster Stencil Jardin De Fleurs


A perfect plaster stencil to be used as a central design or random wallpaper.

Design Size:

Single Stencil 21 3/4″ tall by 14 3/4″ wide

Product Description

This plaster stencil design is absolutely perfect for brilliant colored walls! Plaster it first, let it dry and then paint over the wall and the design with your favorite jewel color to bring some cheer to your room. To bring out the detail even further, mix a little darker wall paint in the same color with translucent wall glaze, brush over the wall and design then blot off the excess.

The darker glaze will settle in the recesses of the design and really show it off! It’s perfect for any of your raised plaster ideas.

Plaster stencils can take on completely different looks depending on your final paint method and color.

For an antiqued look, paint over the design with pale beige wall paint and then mix a little dark brown paint with clear, transluscent wall glaze. Wipe over the design with the wall glaze and then wipe off excess, leaving the darker glaze to settle in the recesses.

In the instance of the ruby colored photo, I painted over the design with a ruby colored wall paint and then used the same glaze method.