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Plaster Stencil Annabelin Border


Wait until you see what you can do with this plaster stencil!

Design Size: 14 1/4″ tall by 22 1/4″ wide

Product Description

Our Plaster Annabelin Border stencil is a very large, Victorian styled stencil design that was created for high ceilings and walls. Measuring 22 1/4″ wide and 14 1/4″ tall, it’s sure to grab everyone’s attention as they step in to the room.

A perfect stencil design for tray ceilings, standard ceiling designs and wall borders. Try stenciling this design in the recesses of large doors or as a central design on very plain, large furniture pieces.

Stencil idea:
Large border stencil designs look incredible when you use them to completely encase your ceiling.

Paint the ceiling a very pale color then plaster or stencil the design with paint with the straight edge against the wall and the open edge facing toward the ceinter of the ceiling. Wow!