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Acanthus Leaf Ceiling Medallion HalfAcanthus Leaf Ceiling Medallion Full SMALL

Plaster Stencil Acanthus Leaf Ceiling Medallion


Design Size:

Single Stencil: 17 x 17″

Full Stenciled design (4 circular repeats) measures 34 x 34″

Product Description

Plaster stencil this medallion around your light fixture WITHOUT removing the fixture!

This plaster stencil is ULTRA easy! One quarter of the design is on the stencil so simply use a pencil to mark the area around your light fixture in to 4 equal parts, plaster it over 1/4 space around your fixture, then repeat over each section and you have a fabulous and very ornate design around the entire light fixture!

Try creating a 4 foot Raised Plaster frame using any one of our straight border or molding stencil designs around your fixture, paint the inside a different color than your ceiling color, (Victorian blue maybe?), then plaster our Acanthus leaf medallion around the fixture and paint all the raised plaster gold…WOW! What an ornate and highly detailed design that would make. It will look like you spent a fortune on it (and it will remain our secret that you didn’t!).

Opening fits any 8″ or smaller fixture base.