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Plaster Mold Simplistic Scroll


Plaster Mold Design Size (finished piece) : 2 1/2″ x 12″

Product Description

Plaster molds are a unique way of adding more design to your home in more ways than you can count.

Some of us love highly ornate, some of us don’t, which makes this plaster mold design appealing for the more simplistic decorator.

This plaster mold is very similar to the designs used by cabinet makers who add them to the tops of cabinets or on to the ornamental hood range in a kitchen.

How could use use it? In much the same way! Paint the plaster scroll piece a color that coordinates with the room you are decorating then use joint compound as the glue and attach it to areas above doors or windows, at the top of cabinets, on the hood range, or even to the front of your kitchen island.

Personally, I would love to use this plaster mold design as a chair rail height border all the way around the room! Wouldn’t that be just grand?

When cast a plaster mold for areas where there will be a lot of traffic (bumping, kicking, banging), simply cast it using “Durhams Water Putty” (found at your local home store), to create pieces that are rock hard and withstand that type of action.