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Plaster mold romantic round

Plaster Mold Romantic Round


Plaster Mold Design Size (finished piece) : 4 1/2 x 4 1/2″ round

Product Description

This beautiful plaster mold medallion can be used as a central design to any smaller project such as cabinet doors, dresser drawer fronts, etc, but adds additional flair to ceiling and wall designs.

Incorporate this plaster mold in to your Raised Plaster Stenciled border for something truly unique!

Designer’s tip: So you just aren’t in to “ornate”? Sometimes, just one single element of cast plaster can create more detail and interest of a piece of furniture or on a wall. Try just one above the mirror in your bathroom or on the posts of your head board. Many designs to choose from and more added continually!

Plaster Mold idea:

Use a plaster medallion mold to make your own beautiful curtain tie backs!

Instead of casting the mold in the plaster, use portland cement.

After you have poured the mold, cut the bottom out of a plastic jar or pop bottle large enough to cover the mold completely.

Center the open end over the top of the mold.

Tie one end of a length of string to the pointed tip of the screw and the other end to a pencil long enough to reach from one side to the other on the opening of your plastic jar or pop bottle. Center the string on the pencil.

Lower the screw (with it’s head down) through the top hole and in to the center area of the wet concrete.

Now, begin to wind the pencil until the string is taught and the screw is standing straight upright.

Allow to set before removing the bottle and the string.

Allow the concrete to cure completely then prime and paint your favorite color.

To use, simply screw in to the wall to use as a tie back element for your drapes.