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Plaster Mold Ornate Corner


Plaster Mold Design Size (finished piece) : 11 1/2″ x 4 3/4″

Product Description

Ornamental plaster molds have been used for centuries to create ceiling and wall ornaments.

Stately Victorian mansions of yesteryear and now, today’s modern upscale homes are featuring more and more ornamental plaster on walls and ceilings.

To have this type of work done in your home costs thousands of dollars, but you can do your own for so little it’s actually pretty unbelievable.

Imagine this beautiful Ornate corner gracing the corners of your ceiling or walls. Or use one of our straight molding designs to create a frame around your light fixture then use this design in each of the corners. What a fabulous and ultra inexpensive way to add ornamental detail to your home!