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Plaster Mold Oasis
Plaster Ceiling Designplaster-mold-oasis-sue-scantino

Plaster Mold Oasis


Plaster Mold Design Size (finished piece) : 3 1/4″ x 7″

Product Description

This plaster mold has the most versatility of any of our molds, (at least in my own mind and maybe that’s because it’s my favorite and I’ve used it quite a bit).

Not only is it fabulous as a 3-D accent between repeats of a plaster stencil, it is a wonderful design to create complete frames on the wall (by repeating them in to a rectangle or square) then filling with stenciling, family photos or treasured artwork.

They are top notch on the corners of tired furniture pieces, small boxes and even on your fireplace!

Plaster ceiling design using plaster molds

Plaster ceiling design using plaster molds

This by far is one of my favorite designs! I used it to create an entire ceiling frame around my chandelier. Combined with other mold designs, you would think this plaster ceiling frame cost thousands of dollars but it was pennies per piece! Plaster is cheap!

In the gallery photos above, you will see a header board that customer Sue Scarantino created with wooden sign, this plaster mold and her hand painted roses. So beautiful!