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Plaster Mold Leaf Medallion


Plaster Mold Design Size: (finished piece) 6″ round

Product Description

I love plaster molds and every time I add a new one to my line up of great mold designs, I start imagining all I might do with it.

Plaster Molds can be used with Plaster of Paris, cement and self hardening or bake-able clay. We don’t recommend products that heat up (like resin or bondo).

I am in the process of building new, square planter boxes for my patio and plan to use this pretty plaster mold with Plaster of Paris to to add detail to the front and sides.

Yes, you can use Plaster of Paris castings on exterior surfaces (the Victorians did it all the time on those beautiful painted ladies homes in San Francisco!). Simply make sure you paint it with exterior paint to protect from the elements.