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Plaster Mold Italian Panel
Plaster Mold Italian Panel un-painted

Plaster Mold Italian Panel


Plaster Mold Design size:

10 1/2″ tall by 4 1/2″ wide

Product Description

There are so many ideas for this plaster mold design.

Highly ornate artwork in a luscious Italian design on this panel gives you architectural detail that is just incredible!

I imagine them as a back splash design in my kitchen. But you can also ddd them to walls, create a frame around your ceiling light fixture, use them with concrete in the garden or apply them to square wooden planters for incredible (and expensive looking) detail!

Fabulous when used to surround a wall mural or ceiling mural.
Great as architectural artwork when painted then seated on a plate holder on your counter top.

Consider casting them in concrete then bordering your front walkway with them. What an elegant entrance to your home!

Great to give as gifts or sell at the flea market for a bit of extra cash!