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Plaster Mold Empire Medallion
Suzanne Rende Cast Plaster Fireplace Small

Plaster Mold Empire Medallion


Plaster Mold Design Size (finished piece) : 8″ x 14 1/2 “

Product Description

What a gorgeous plaster mold design for the center of your fixture-less ceiling! Making a statement on it’s own or surround it with a frame of smaller designs. This plaster medallion makes a great focal point over doorways, windows and on door fronts as well.

Note that with some plaster molds that have openings such as this one, depending on how full you pour your mold, you may need to use a paring knife to clear residual plaster from the open hole areas. This is easy to do if you do it right after taking the piece from the mold.

Personally, I want to cast a number of this mold in concrete to create a super ornamental addition to my flower garden.

Using a plaster mold to cast ornamental pieces is an ultra inexpensive way to make your home look like you invested much more in to your decorating than you really did! Suzanne Rende added the cast pieces to her clients fireplace. The look is just so high end.