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Plaster Mold Crowned Acanthus

Plaster Mold Crowned Acanthus


Plaster Mold Design Size (finished piece) : 9 1/4 x 4 1/2″

Product Description

This plaster mold of scrolling acanthus leaves and crowned top are authentic Victorian, and a plaster mold design that was used over and over for decades on walls and furniture alike.

One of my favorites because of it’s intricate styling!

A beautiful central design that can be used as a frieze or combined with other designs for incredible creations! Try doing 5 of them in a complete circle with the tops facing one another. What a medallion!

This particular mold was included in a plaster ceiling design created by total beginner Catherine McCune.


Do as she did and combine different mold designs. Cast the pieces then lay them out on the floor. Move pieces around to create your own unique medallion design.

Now, simply transfer that design to the ceiling using common joint compound on the backs of your plaster pieces as the adhesive.