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plaster mold cherub head

Plaster Mold Cherub Head


This plaster mold is simply “divine”

Finsihed plaster piece size: 13″ wide x 5″ high

Product Description

This sweet faced cherub plaster mold gives you plenty of ways to use it!

Cast 6 of this Plaster Mold and apply them in a repeated circle around your light fixture. Or create heavenly cherub artwork by inserting a hanger of wire in the back before the plaster has a chance to set up. Pop them out, let them dry then faux finish or paint them.

There are so many things you can do with this beautiful plaster mold for walls and ceilings. If I know you, you will be placing her direct center on your fireplace!

You know, Christmas is ALWAYS coming and what better gift to give than a collection of hang painted plaster angels?

Casting plaster and applying it to walls and ceiling is EASY! Click the “How to” link to see just how simple it is.

Remember that plaster molds can also be used as concrete molds