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plaster-mold-bellflower-drapeplaster-mold-jean-garrant-wallLisa Lisette Bellflower Drape Small

Plaster Mold Bellflower Drape


Plaster Mold Design size (Finished Piece) 14″ long and 1 3/4″ wide.

Product Description

This plaster mold is so versatile!

This design can be found in authentic period decorating from the Victorian Era on everything to ceilings, walls and even fireplace fronts and furniture.

This particular plaster mold has a special feature: After your pour your mold full of wet plaster, if you insert twine, the full length of the design, when you pull it out, it will now break gently at the joints (it’s supposed to do that!) and literally bend in to curves to create full or half circle designs or swags!

Inserting the twine is a necessary thing with this design simply because it’s so delicate that you will find it might break easily without the twine.

Combine with any central design for unbelievable results!

I used it with our Plaster Antique Wreath Mold in my master bath. How lovely the walls turned out!

Plaster Mold Antique Wreath Wall Design

Plaster Mold Antique Wreath Wall Design