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Plaster Mold Antique Urn


Re-usable Plaster Mold for home decorating and crafts.

Plaster Mold size (finished piece) 5 1/2″ tall by 3″ wide

Product Description

Plaster molds are so much fun and you probably haven’t even thought of the decorating you can do with them!

Think of them painted and glued to cabinet fronts, used to create a dimensional design on the top of a wooden storage box or on the sides of planter boxes.

This antique urn design has been around for centuries and used in not only in carved furniture and frames, but also in paintings, used as fabric designs and carved in to wood wall art.

This reusable plaster mold will give you hours of fun as you make urns to decorate crafts, walls, cabinets and ceilings with.

See the “How to” section to see how easy it is to use plaster of paris with this mold.