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Painting Stencil Sapling Tree


Single Stencil Elements

Create a tree as tall and wide as you wish!

Design Size:

All of the stencils you need are included in this set:

(Each stencil is a single stencil)

Repeatable trunk: 16 3/4″ tall by 1 1/4″ wide

Trunk Top: 19″ tall x 11 1/2″ at it’s widest point

Long Side Branch: 16 1/4″ tall x 1″ wide

Small Side Branch: 10 3/4″ tall by 1/2″ wide

Leafy Branch: 14 1/2″ tall by 9 1/4″ wide

Leaf Sprig: 5″tall by 4 1/4″ wide

Product Description

Tree stencils are so much fun and let you create all the life sized trees you want on your walls! Re-usable stencil.

All of the elements you need to create ceiling to floor trees are within this stencil set.


Begin with the trunk stencil, repeating it upward, add side branches and the tree top then start adding leafy branches. It’s easy! Make your trees as tall and wide as you wish and in any colors!

A stencil roller makes it super quick to apply when you want your tree a single color. Add all the branches and birds you desire to make this tree your own.

Make it as tall as you wish with lots of leafy branches or just a few. You get to have it YOUR way!

Try doing your entry way in ceiling to floor trees and use just the branch in other rooms to add more tree elements to walls.