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Painting Stencil Dartworth Tile


Single Stencil

16 x 16″

Product Description

Stencils let you add beautiful designs to floors, walls, furniture, rugs, fabric and more! Cheaper than wallpaper, more durable than a wall sticker and when you tire of it, you can simply paint over it and do another design if you choose!

Size shown is the size of the design, not the size of the plastic.

This tile stencil is big, beautiful and full of exquisite style! Original design by artist Victoria Larsen who has been designing stencils for your home since 1991.

What a lovely design to use over your old linoleum floors, as a repeated design on walls or use as just a single element on table tops. The ideas are endless!

Personally, I plan to use this design on my concrete entry to create a faux “rug”. Won’t that be beautiful?

Stenciling is easy! Simply tape the stencil in place, then use a small roller to paint the design.

Roll all excess paint on to a paper towel or newspaper first or you may experience bleed up under the stencil. Then simply roll over the stencil openings until they are completely covered. Re-load your roller as needed.

Design, text, photos and text copyright Victoria Larsen 2017 all rights reserved.