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Painting Stencil Arquette Tile


Single Stencil 16″ x 16″

10 mil mylar

Product Description

This stencil can be used with paint or joint compound for raised effects.

Single Stencil 16″ high x 16″ wide

Laser cut 10 mil mylar that makes a super durable stencil that you can use over and over again. Stencil with a roller for quick application over large areas (we tell you how in the instructions…it’s easy!).

This intensely beautiful stencil design can easily be used with paint for walls, ceilings, floors and furniture. Try using it to create the look of an old Victorian ceiling design on your powder room ceiling, or if you just keep staring at that ugly, old linoleum, try using it to create a new pattern on your floor! It creates the most luscious looking tile design when repeated!

This stencil is fabulous for applying to the fronts of cabinets, sides of dressers or any larger piece of furniture.

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