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Painting Stencil Andre Tile


Single Stencil 16″ x 16″

10 mil mylar

Product Description

This beautiful tile wall stencil creates a luscious central design behind your stove, over your bed or as a single focal point on a wall.

But repeat it to create the most beautiful wallpaper stencil design. Try covering one entire wall with the design using metallic or pearled paints for an elegant look. Let the shimmer in the design wow your guests!

Single Stencil 16″ high x 16″ wide

Cover a wall quickly by using a small roller instead of a stencil brush. No worries, we send the instructions with the stencil. It’s super easy!

Can be used with just paint if you prefer a painting stencil instead.

Design, photos and text copyright Victoria Larsen 2017. All rights reserved.