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Letter Stencil Sugarland 2 inch


Single Stencil

1 1/2″ High

Largest letters will be upper case. Lower case will be proportionate to design.


Product Description

Create any phrase you want with this reusable Lettering Stencil
Both upper and lower case letters are included!

Create your own signs, pillows or wall sayings with this easy to use letter stencil set!
Create words in any color or arrangement, using any paint color and a stencil roller or stencil brush.

Single stencil. Stylish Country stencil letters style.
Letter height 2″: The tallest letter in this alphabet will be I. All other letters will be proportionate to the design.
Heavy duty 10 mil mylar where many companies use flimsy 7 mil.
With this mylar, you can even create raised letters by smearing the openings
With common joint compound, remove the stencil to reveal the raised letter
Then let it dry.

Stencil is re-usable over and over. This is not a ready made sign or sign stencil.
You create your own phrases by using letters in the stencil.

You can even trace the stencil letters then hand paint the letters if you choose.
copyright Victoria Larsen 2017 all rights reserved.