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Wall Stencil Tree Branch


Use this tree branch stencil to create branches in any color on your walls, ceilings and even rugs and floors. So fun!

Stencil design size:

Single stencil 24 1/2 x 13 1/2″

Product Description

This stencil creates beautiful, stylish branches on your walls or furniture. Personally, I’m considering it for a large area rug…but wouldn’t it be fun to stencil on a linoleum floor?

Use this branch stencil in a corner, repeated longer to create just a little special interest.
Try stenciling it as an all over, random wallpaper design or on the fronts of large furniture pieces.

Use it as a floor stencil over your tired old linoleum. So much fun and lots of ideas for it’s use!

It looks fabulous in any color!

Give it a try today!