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Life Sized Tree Stencil


Stencil life sized trees on your walls with this easy to use tree stencil set.

Design Size: Single stencil set

Trunk base stencil: 3.5 x 15″

Repeatable Trunk stencil: 3.5 x 15″

Large branch stencil: 9 x 16″

Small branch stencil: 7 x 10″

Tree top and side branch stencil: 3 x 13″

Product Description

Trees in the house have been a sought after design element since the 70’s when those photographed rolls of wallpaper came out that we all threw up on the walls to depict the out of doors. But now you can do it with style! Our beautiful life sized tree stencil lets you do it with ease!

This tree stencil design includes two sets of leaves with branches, large and small (Only large leaves shown) the tree base, and the repeatable trunk and tree top (which also serves as a side branch) so you can make it any height you wish.

The trunk measures only 3 1/2″ so it won’t overpower even the smallest room, and you can repeat it to be as tall as you wish and with the addition of side branches, as wide as you wish. It’s EASY and you’re going to LOVE it! And you don’t have to do it in green and brown!

Consider using combinations of colors you have used in your room…. a tree in fall? Pink shades in the leaves? How about adding a flower stencil for a wisteria or Rose tree? An apple tree? It’s simple! Just stencil apples amongst the branches.

Try stenciling this tree stencil at the top of your staircase and then add stenciled gold leaves instead of green leaves. Use just the branches to stencil leafy branches around the inside of your bathroom ceiling then randomly stencil tree branches over the wall for a beautiful wallpaper effect.

We even had one customers stencil photo frames hanging off the branches then using transfer medium, transferred photos of her family on to the wall for a “Family Tree”… cool huh? Great idea!


Lynn Baron had a blast using this tree stencil on her walls. She created a full mural with hand painted hills, river and country style fence and then added trees using bits and pieces and parts of this tree stencil set to create background and foreground trees.

Using parts of a stencil can help you be even more creative. For instance, after stenciling your trees, use the leafy branches only on area rugs to coodinate with your wall mural design.


See what Bill Landers did to his garage using this fun tree stencil!