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Plaster Stencil Acanthus Sprig

Plaster Stencil Acanthus Sprig


Design Size:

Single Stencil: 16″ high 9″ wide

Product Description

Don’t you just love acanthus stencils?

Acanthus leaves have been a decorating favorite since before the turn of the century. Used in molding designs, wallpaper, furniture and accessories yet to this day, it’s certainly one of my very favorites (can you tell?).

Use this beautiful stencil element as a central design on door panels, all an all over pattern then color washed to bring out the detail, or mirror over a window.

No matter what you do with it, it’s going to make your home beautiful!


Stencil idea:

Try doing a “layered” wallpaper look on your walls.

Use the stencil with paint in very pale autumn or spring colors (or even consider just pale gray), turning the stencil in different directions each time you stencil it.

Now, add the same stencil design over the top of your new painted wallpaper and add coloring right to the joint compound.

Now you have 3-D walls that will make people gasp!