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I was so pleased to see the great instructional video using our Raised Plaster Vine Medallion and Mold set  today, posted by Julie from FurniturePaintingUniversity.com.

I have to say, I’m terribly impressed with this website. Professionals pay thousands of dollars to learn some of the techniques taught by the Furniture Painting University, yet, you can be a student for just a few dollars a month and learn to paint project after project!

Visit today to check out the instructional videos and articles that will have you doing furniture make overs like a pro with just your first visit!



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I kept seeing this broken round table at a dump site and finally wound up putting it in my jeep and hauling it home.

One of the legs was broken so I glued it back together with wood glue and clamps and by the next day, it was good as new.


After a good sanding with my handy electric palm sander, I decided to embellish it with plaster stenciling. Using wood putty instead of joint compound creates a rock hard design that will stand abuse.


I repeated the design all the way around the table.


After painting the entire table black, I began by painting the raised design with gold acrylic paint.


Now the top needed something special as well so I used our Raised Plaster Astana Medallion Stencil with acrylic paints instead of joint compound to create a medallion on the top of the table.


Now it was a fabulous addition to my home.